Curriculum Design of School of Tourism 

The curriculum design of the School of Tourism not only emphasizes theory but also practical training. Undergraduates are required to complete 128 credits and to pass the University Graduation Assessments for Service learning, English ability, Information technology ability, Chinese ability, and Sports ability, and their department fundamental ability.

     >> Department of Tourism 
Degree Level Fundamental Ability
1. Team Work: 
Enhance the ability of team work among groups and colleagues.

2. Research: Increase the ability of data collection, logical thinking, and problem solving.
3. Tourism Leadership and Management: Improve students’ leadership and management for competitiveness in employment, especially for tourist travel.
4.  Domestic and Abroad Travel Specialized Knowledge:Increase ability of domestic and overseas travel knowledge.
Graduate 1. Project Research: Develop students’ ability to conduct project research in tourist travel.
2.  Independent Thinking and Work: Cultivate students’ independent thinking and working abilities.
3.  Leadership and Management: Develop students’ leadership, management, and creativity.
4.  Diverse International View: Nurture students’ international view and the ability to embrace diversified culture.

   >> Department of Leisure and Recreation Management

Fundamental Ability
1. The ability to process professional knowledge of leisure and recreation.
2. The ability to apply theory and practicum.
3. The ability to plan leisure and recreation projects.
4. The ability to work as a team and to handle the reins of leadership.

   >> Department of Hospitality Management 

Fundamental Ability
1. Professional knowledge ability.
2. Practical operation ability (employment competitiveness).
3. Problem solving ability.