♦ Mission

The aim of establishing this Center is to assist the domestic industries related to tourism, hospitality and recreation in promoting their service quality, enhancing management and competiveness and promoting MCU’s academic research level. The Center hopes to promote the sustainable operations in these industries and enhance MCU’s academic achievement through providing relevant services to the industries, such as professional consulting, training and applied research.

♦ Goals

1. Assist in taking on government or private projects or bids related to Tourism

As Taiwan Government has set Tourism as an important strategic industry for Taiwan’s future economic development, it is actively devoted to planning, establishment and management of Tourism. Hence, many industries and organizations are exerting efforts to sustainable development of Tourism. Meticulous research plans are the top priority and most important component for the planning, establishment and management of Tourism. Therefore, many government units and private organizations look for assistance from educational institutions for suggestions on the planning and management of Tourism industry through related research projects or bids. MCU Tourism, Hospitality and Recreation Research Center is established to assist in taking on government or private projects or bid related to Tourism.

2. Provide professional consulting services on development strategies, planning, marketing and management in Tourism

There are many factors concerned with the development of hospitality and recreation industry, and many key decisions need to be made in the process of development strategy, planning, marketing and management. Therefore, professional consulting services can provide appropriate suggestions for decision-making in the tourism-related industries. MCU Tourism, Hospitality and Recreation Research Center is established to provide business consulting and professional counseling to tourism-related industries to assist them in achieving their goals.

3. Publish qualified academic papers related to sustainable Tourism development

MCU School of Tourism has the best faculty members in the discipline among the higher education institutions in Taiwan, with diverse specialties and copious academic capacity and many achievements in important domestic and overseas periodicals and symposia for years. MCU Tourism, Hospitality and Recreation Research Center is established to integrate experts and scholars from different fields through a collaboration mode to establish diversified research teams seeking to publish high quality papers in academic periodicals and symposia related to Tourism and promoting the School of Tourism reputation.

4. Promote international exchange and collaboration to enhance the interaction among MCU faculty members, students, the international academic community and industries

In order to provide Tourism Education with global views, MCU Tourism, Hospitality and Recreation Research Center actively collaborates with Travel and Tourism Program and other relevant units to establish collaborative relationships with top-ranked international companies and educational institutions. We not only promote entering into academic exchange and cooperation agreements, but also actively arrange faculty member and student exchange and trips with top universities. In order to enhance exchange, we also collaborate on academic activities, joint research projects and academic publications.